Out For Lunch Or Taking Lunch Out; How Confusing It Can Be

I may be getting older than I thought.  Or maybe I’m under more stress than I thought.  Or perhaps I’m just too tired.  Or maybe I’m losing it.  You see friends today when I left the house I had my bag, my lunch and the garbage.  It was collection day so I wanted to get the garbage out before the truck came.

This is something that isn’t routine, but also not unusual for me to do.  It just depends on the garbage in the house, if I’m alone and when the truck is coming.  I won’t dwell too much on this part because it’s just a chore life demands of us.  Normally what I do, in this non-routine and not unusual situation, is I put my bag and lunch in the front seat of the car.  Then I out the garbage in the can and carry on with going to work.

So today, being one of those days where I had to take the trash out and get my lunch and bag in the car didn’t seem special or different.  The drive to work was routine as well.  As a matter of fact everything seemed like a typical day until lunch time.  Friends, I don’t know how to tell you this but somehow I had a small mishap with lunch and the garbage.

I ended up taking the lunch out to the trash and taking the garbage out, to lunch or rather in place of my lunch!  Yes I know, my lunch bag is not even the same size as my lunch and they don’t look alike.  However for some reason I decided to put the trash out, at work and take lunch out to the trash.  I hope the trash enjoyed the car ride to work!

Soon enough I will be doing other odd things at this rate.  Now the question is, how on earth do I know what the cause is!  Remind me from now on I’m not to take the trash out for lunch! 😊


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