Of Humans, Clocks And Fools, Why We Look Foolish To Nature

The dogs do not get this time change nonsense.  Saving daylight to them is some silly human tradition.  I have to say that I kind of agree with them.  I mean we end up with daylight it’s just spread differently in the day. The same amount of hours still make up a complete day.  It’s all because we have ceased to live in a more natural rhythm with nature.  You see, and I know this will be a shock to some, nature doesn’t believe in clocks.

It is this human need to mark time, to track and keep tracking time, that has created this weird situation.  A situation that pretty much goes against the natural movements of, well, nature.

So the dogs, who are creatures of habit after all, are confounded by the starting of their morning ritual before it should be starting.  They also cannot grasp why a few short days ago it was acceptable to still be thudding around in the house at an hour that now has them settling n for he night.  Heck who am I kidding, I simply get them situated so they can settle down.  They aren’t setting down any earlier.  Why would they?  This time change means nothing to them.  Other than the fact that the crazy human has once again successfully foiled their good routine. 😉

Chances are, if we weren’t so bleary-eyed from messed up sleeping cycles, we probably find the whole ing a little silly to!  Then again, humans tend to mess up good things because routines seem somehow to rub us wrong if it’s a long-term deal.  I mean we change things up on big scales and little scales so why should I expect us to get it right now?


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