Running Ever More

The problem with running is it’s just not natural.  Not at first.  And not for long durations.  That’s why we have bicycles.  And really long distances are why we have cars or boats.  Not running.

Or maybe the problem with running is I’ve done too much of it when i was younger sp maybe that’s why I have a problem with running.  Knees.  That’s it.  It’s my knees.  Ruined and hurting from foolish exuberance in my youth and now lupus having a ball with my joints.

The thing is, once I am running I’m okay with it.  I’m not good.  I’m not fast, but I’m okay with it.  It’s just the starting and the stopping that I have problems with.  And the knee pain and such.

I’m good at running from things, in the non-physical sense.  And I’m good at running headlong into things.  Normally things I haven’t fully investigated.  So basically senseless emotional running.  Yeah I’m good at that!  Too bad you don’t get in shape with that kind of running!  I could do marathons off this stuff.  Seriously.

Starting and stopping aren’t a problem either.  I mean you basically run from one thing that sacred you or makes you question yourself to something that looks like it will be good for you.  Then you kind of run on the spot now and then just to stay limber because you just know you need to run soon.  Yeah if they made this an Olympic sport I could medal in it.  And I’d be in super great shape.


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