Colourful Rambles

Rambling.  It always sounds so odd.  Rambling words, rambling in the woods.  It seems to be an act without a point and yet somehow there are times that the Danes is just what’s needed.

We rambled today, the four-footed ones and I.  Through the clear area not far from the house.  I expected we’d find lots of puddles, mud, and perhaps some squirrels.  I didn’t think we’d find any flowers out yet, not with th driving fans and winds we have had.  And yet there, once we went over the hill, a splash of sunshine yellow.  Just a small splash.  Daffodils.  Just out in the middle of where they had no business in being.  And yet somehow it worked.  Them sitting there amidst the puddles, mud and the ducks.  They just seemed to be natural where they were.

It was as if they said that nature needed to be challenged.  The normal ideas could be turned upside down and inside out.  As if the daffodils didn’t care for rules or order.  They simply felt like being a splash of yellow right there.  Right in that spot and too bad if no one agreed with their presence.

A little further along on our walk the four-footed ones stopped to smell some crocus.  And then they decided to smell the tulips that were coming up.  Apparently the tulip greens smelled great because they decided to roll in them.  I don’t think the tulips survived that show of affection.  Thankfully it was only a small patch they found to umm share their joy with.

Soon enough the land will be full of splashes of purples, yellows, oranges and reds.  Soon there will mossy greens to rest in when they need to cool off and flowers to be set in glasses in the house when I feel as if I need a few blooms near by.

Spring and summer always make me want to gather the colors up as if to save them for the cloudy days.  As though I can add them to a palette of colors to paint with later on when the world seems to have let the colors fade a bit.

The dark hues of mud will be gathered up and brought indoors too, not because I need them, but because the dogs believe in doing things completely.😉


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