Have You Stretched Lately

I recently had the opportunity to attend a talk about stretching yourself to reach your dreams.  When I had agreed to attend I felt healthy and anything seemed possible.  Of course by the time the event rolled around I wasn’t feeling as healthy.  A part of me thought I would just stay home and rest.  After all my doctor is pretty big on getting me to rest more.  But I was rather eager to listen to the speaker so I decided to drag myself out.

I reasoned that at worst, I would be able to rest while listening to the talk.  This was simply a talk, not an aerobics workout class so rest seemed possible.  Well at least resting my body because I wasn’t so sure my mind wouldn’t be actively engaged in the talks.

The speaker’s message was focused around people jumping in to make their dreams happen.  He suggested that people simply give it a try because in his experience if you wait for the right moment, it never comes along.  He used his personal story of deciding to start his own company to show that all one has to do to reach one’s dreams I stretch a bit further.  Find your company’s name and niche market and viola you have success.

I was correct in knowing my mind wouldn’t be able to rest because as I listened to this story my own mind was coming up with stories.  I agreed with the speaker in that if you wait for the fit moment you will send your whole life waiting.  At least if you fall into the majority of the population.

We all have stories we tell ourselves for explaining why we don’t reach our dreams.  The timing is wrong, the economy isn’t right.  Maybe you feel you need more education or experience before you can reach your  dreams.  The list of reasons why not to try can the circumference of the globe.

It is easier to find reasons why not to try something than it is to take a deep breath, close your eyes and just jump towards your dreams.  Pride, fear of failure, fear of judgements, fear of the dream not being what we envision; these are powerful things that hold us back and stop us from stretching.

Lupus, at times,mis a gray reason for me not doing things.  I realized fairly early on in this partnership with the illness that I could use lupus as a reason for not pushing as hard.  Lupus could be the justification for settling or giving up on dreams.  It’s an incredible amount of power to give to one thing when it comes to impacts on your life.

It’s because I refuse to allow lupus to have that much say in my life, and because I don’t believe in regrets, that I continue to stretch.  And my hands have grasped some dreams.  Granted a few of my leaps towards my dreams have ended in massive belly flops, but I’ve had a grand time all the same.  And I believe I have stretched a bit longer and am better for it.

Have you stretched lately?  Have you managed to get out of your own way?


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