All You Have To Do Is….Well It’s Simply Impossible

“All you have to do,” they assured me, “is ask for help.”  That’s it.  Simple.  Easy peasy.  Just ask for help.  That’s it.  No other magical words said, no special dance or magic pants to be worn.  No spells to be cast or anything.  Just some simple words asking for help.

Frankly I’d be better off if they had said wear magic pants and dance clockwise around a square room while juggling a dozen eggs.  I mean at least then I could easily see the challenge ahead of me.  Magic pants?  I’m pretty sure I could buy a pair somewhere.  Dance clockwise around a square room?  Maybe.  Juggle eggs?  Hey you want them scrambled I’m your girl! 😉

Hmm come to think of it, what I just described is kind of how life with lupus goes at times.  And to be honest, it all started with lupus too.  You see they decided that all I needed to do to make living with lupus easier was to “reach out” and “ask for help”.  And they’d be there.  Provided what I needed help with wasn’t going to get in the way of their  or was too taxing.

And yet I struggled and still struggle with this.  This whole asking for help piece.  I haven’t been able to put my finger  if it’s because I’m afraid of this becoming a long-term thing.  Maybe it’s because of pride and ego.  Maybe it’s because I see it as losing my independence.  At any rate I struggle with it.  So I struggle to juggle eggs while dancing clockwise in a square room while wearing what I hope are magic pants.  Because sometimes that is easier than taking a deep breath and asking for help.

Now I must head out to the store, for more eggs of course.  Do you need any scrambled or dropped?  I’m good at that! 😉


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