Devices, Zones and Not There Yet

I am thrilled to announce that according to my mind and body tracking device I have managed to achieve more than three minutes of calm and peace.  More than once even!  I have managed a full stretch of nine minutes once, other times six to seven minutes.  I am pleased to say I have held this tracking of peace and calm a dozen times!

These are major accomplishments for me.  Granted I’m still no closer to knowing what that feels like when I am in the zone of peace and calm.  I also can’t tell you when I’m in the zone of focus either.  Although I’m very good in this according to the device.  Once again I have no clue how that feels when I’m in that moment.

According to my coach, I just need to pay attention when the device alerts me to being in one of these zones.  Here’s what I don’t understand, if I pay attention when I’m in this zone doesn’t it take me out of the zone?  Or is this yet again another one of these things I don’t understand.

The only thing I do know for certain is that I do not find these moments of peace and calm, nor even moments of focus, when I am attempting yoga or meditation.  Apparently meditation drives me to a tense state and yoga doesn’t seem to register at all.  So am I doing something wrong?  Is the device faulty?  Or is this the way things go?


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