Change, Spice and Life or Coffee Anew

My house had gone from being awash in oats to being awash in oats and coffee.  Oh yes indeed I have suddenly become the lucky owner of number out types of coffee.  To go with the new coffee maker.

It may have been a case of me not being able to decide which coffees I wanted that caused the massive cases of coffee to arrive up in my doorstep.  Not that I’m complaining.  I mean coffee?!  I certainly won’t run out for a while which is a good thing!

The coffees range from mild to very strong and bold.  Some even have flavors.  And I can’t lie, I’m loving the variety as much as I’m loving that this coffee marker is so not the norm for me.  From cherry red to sleek lines, it is completely not what I’ve had in the past.

Sometimes you need to change things up from color that you normally have n your life to the drinks you try.  Change is he spice that adds a little ugh to life.  Then again these may be the ramblings of a girl who has had a few too many coffees in too short a time and still can’t make up her mind!


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