It’s A Piece Of Cake

When I was young the idea of having cake before a meal seemed like the perfect thing.  My plan was to have cake, then have a second helping and thus be too full for the horrible veggies.  It was the perfect plan.  The problem was my mother.

You see my mother felt it was more important to eat veggies than cake so she never left me have the cake first.  And my mother made sure that there were plenty of veggies so if someone was a little more hungry they could fill up on the wretched things.  She meant well and apparently  colorful cheeks were very important in my life.

As an adult I eat veggies, but I’m also not afraid to have cake now and then.  Soemtimes I start a meal with cake and then that’s sort of the end of the meal.  Just cake.  Not often, but now and then.  You see what my mom didn’t understand was that now and then a little something silly like cake for a meal won’t hurt things too much.

Not that I blame my mom, she wanted what was best for me.  She wanted to have a healthy child.  She had no idea that hidden in my body lupus was waiting for just the right moment to pounce.  Because lupus pounced and continues to do so now and then, I learned that rules sometimes must be bent or broken.  That means if cake seems like a good idea or a way to make me smile, then so be it.  Cake it shall be!

The other thing cake for a meal reminds me is that okay never stops being important just because we get a little older.  So have a piece of cake, and play a little.  It’s, well, a piece of cake and you will be glad you had a slice!




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