My Heroes

Apparently one of our dogs happens to be a bit of a superhero.  I know, shocking and frankly a bit overwhelming.  I mean we are just regular people and the dogs, as far as I knew, were ordinary dogs.  Dogs that sometimes don’t listen and other times are sneaky enough to get away with “borrowing things” that the humans in the house think we’re simply misplaced.  In other words, just normal, typical dogs.  Well okay, so normal dogs that think they are equal to the humans in the house and more than a bit spoiled.

I guess this is how it goes when it comes to super heroes.  I mean superman and Spider-Man both worked regular jobs, were unassuming in their ordinary lives.  Most people who encountered them wouldn’t suspect them as being anything other than normal beings.  And yet out them in a special outfit and viola superhero is found.  Same deal with the dog!

You see each dog has a nice little blanket to sleep under and one of them has made a habit of getting up with the blanket still on.  It’s a bit like a trailing cape, and now the dog has decided it’s such fun to race around in circles with the cape on.  Basically it’s a version of superman flying around in his cape!

Of course the truth is, both dogs are super heroes.  They look after me when a lupus flare has taken the entire winds out of my sails.  They encourage and urge me on when I doubt myself or my health.  They know when a tail wag is needed and when a snuggle is just the thing.  They also know when and how to bring out my inner child.  And they do this all despite living with me and let’s face it, that’s a big deal.  I live with me 24 hours a day and there are times I worry about me!  But these two, with the super powers that they have, make it all seem so easy and ask for so little in return.


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