To The Dogs

I was watching the dogs happily throwing themselves in damp, muddy grass.  I envied their reckless abandon and pure joy in their task.  There is something to be said about living in e moment and not worrying about the whole what happens next portion of life.  Then again, the dogs may not want to worry the future since that future included a bath.

The dogs seem to have a special gift, one I wish I had, but somehow seem to lack.  It’s the gift of finding joy in anything.  A mud puddle means some fun rolling around in it.  A bath, which they hate, means a chance to try to eat bubbles, which they love.  Cold temperature?  No problem, it’s a perfect excuse to curl up in a little ball and huddle with a human.  Hot temperature?  No problem, stretch out in the shade and doze the time away.

The dogs embrace the weather changes with a glee that I’ve never noticed in a human.  Snow is meant to run wild in and roll around until it’s stuck in your coat.  Rain?  Well rain makes mud and mud is a wonderful thing.  Not to mention there are puddles to explore.  Sunshine means dry grass to roll through and dirt to dig in,

And how they love!  It is a fierce, all-encompassing and fully forgiving.  There is a lot we can learn from the dogs, if only we’d stop worrying about humans judging us.


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