My Love-Hate Affair With Love

I was reminded today about why love isn’t all roses and sunshine and to be honest, a part of me wishes I hadn’t been reminded.  We all, to some extent, desire to live an easy life or at least have most things be rainbows and unicorns.  Love, of course, is a balancer in all things.  It is the sunshine and the darkness, the roses and the weeds.

Love means saying hello and getting to know someone and making a space for that individual in your life.  Love means sharing new experiences, seeing things through fresh eyes.  Love means settling into routines so comfortable and familiar you don’t give them the second thought.

These are all the good parts of love, the easy parts of love.  The parts of love that people write about, turn into movies and dream about that’s what is above.

But love is an equalizer.  All things must be balanced in love.  And this is the part of love that I hate.  It’s the part of love that I dread because no matter how many times I am faced with these moments, I find I’m still full of inadequate struggles.  You see, love also means slowly letting go of someone and eventually saying goodbye.  Love means finding old experiences as something new through failing eye-sight.  And this side of love means holding onto those moments that you never gave a passing thought to before because soon there won’t be any more of those moments.

This is why the fairy tales end in happily ever after with no one really defining ever after.   The final image on the screen is when love is in full strength, riding off into the sunset.  No one wants to see the completeness of love shown on the big screen.  Not really.  After all we have reality for this part.

I dread the time I must face this other side of love, for I know it is coming sooner than I want especially with the four-footed ones.


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