When I Listen To Them

Walking, they told me, would be a nice and gentle form of exercise.  Plus it’s a chance to enjoy the great outdoors.  Walking, they said, would be different without my four-footed friends.  You see four feet seem to equal going like crazy wherever your nose takes you.  It’s a bit like what I imagine a drunken toddler might do.  A dash over here followed by a wobbly trip back sort of only to get side distracted with a quick run again.  We may take a million steps, but I don’t think we even leave the neighbourhood.

So a friend grabbed me and off we went for a nice, gentle and relaxing walk.  She said she knew just the right path to take that wouldn’t be too challenging with horribly uneven terrain.  She even promised a lovely view, lots of green space.

She was right about the view being lovely and the path wasn’t too challenging with uneven ground to cover, which is always nice.  It started off nice and relaxing.  And I’m sure there was no way anyone could have foreseen how it turned out and become shortened.

Lets just say I think I’ve made up on the missing steps through scrubbing all the mud and stuff off my clothes and myself.  I’m pretty sure if I had stayed with the four-footed ones and just did our usual walk I would have been more clam and relaxed.  And a lot less muddy.

You see what my friend failed to mention is that mud, yes mud, is used to level out the ground.  Well okay so dirt really, but it was wet so that made it mud.  We gave up when we hit a very slick  part of the path and she went down face first.  Up until then she told me to just keep on keeping on.  And then we stopped.  And I went home and cleaned up.

Pretty sure the dogs are looking at me with their I told you so faces.


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