Protecting Myself or Overly Safe

Why is it when you have a small injury that one natured part of your body continues to get injured?  I mean the rest of my body was and is available for a wee booboo, but nope of course not.  The same already injured sport keeps getting attacked.

You’d almost think that I dislike this finger or something.  You see it started with a small burn on m finger, maybe the size of a quarter.  I tended to the burn after doing the requisite dance of pain…no matter how many times I do this I still have yet to master the dance.

Since burning my finger, I have banged the burned area, scraped another part of the finger and managed to get a paper cut right near the burn.  And all of this while trying to take extra care with this finger.  Surely a burn was enough, but of course not.

And of course this isn’t the first time something like this has happened.  A few months ago I dropped a can on the side of my ankle.  Yep you guessed it, that ankle got attacked by shopping carts, canes and even the car door.  It seems the more care I take with an injured part the more I am likely to continue to injure it.  Perhaps I should just not care about any part at all.  Maybe then all of me would be safe!


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