Frankenstein and Oatmeal? Why My Kitchen Is A Laboratory

My house is awash in oatmeal.  A variety of oatmeal, from steel-cut oats to quick cooking little oat crumbs.  If a leak were to spring in my house, I’m sure the oatmeal would absorb all the water and therefore remove any potential for water damage.  Of course we couldn’t eat the oatmeal after that, but that’s okay, it would have saved the house!

Typically I use the oatmeal as cooked cereal or in muffins and bread.  I also use it in cookies and desserts, but it never occurred to me to use it in savoury dishes, which is rather odd when you think about it.

Why not use oatmeal as a pilaf or stuffing?  Crisp oatmeal coating on fish?  Why not it may be most tasty.  I can wrap my head around these.  But oatmeal stir fry or oatmeal risotto?  For some reason these seem to not compute in my brain.  Not even in the slightest.  But I have all this oatmeal and there is only so many bowls of it, or muffins I can actually eat.  Let’s face it, I’m getting tired of the oatmeal routine that we have going on here in this house.

So oatmeal stir was tried, much to the horror of Beloved.  Next to the sacred potato, oatmeal should never be tampered with.  You can imagine the wail of anguish let loose from his lips when I brought forth my new creation.  Actually when you stop and think about it, it is a bit like Frankenstein.  The oatmeal replaces the rice and adds a different flavor to things.  The sauce also changes because the way the oatmeal reacts with it.

I won’t say that I will be recreating my version of Frankenstein any time soon, but now and then it’s nice to play around in the laboratory and see what you come up with!


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