Trouble in Paradise Found

I seem to be exceptionally good at messing things up.  I mean this is on a level of pure talent that if it weren’t for the fact it means ruining things, people would marvel at my talent.  Actually for all I know people do that now, from afar.  You know how you can drive past an accident and even as you cringe at the wreckage there is an awe to the amount of damage or the unique way someone has managed to wreck a vehicle or some such item?  Yeah that’s it.  Exactly.

I’m in the midst of trying to find the perfect coffee maker again.  I was sure I had the perfect one.  It made wonderful coffee, paradise to my taste-buds.  And then it stopped working.  The kind of stopped working that can’t be fixed.

Now a reasonable person would,probably replace said coffee maker with a similar one.  But remember I have a habit of messing things up.  In this case I decided to test drive, if you will, a new coffee maker.  A different brand even.  And it made a good coffee.  But why stop there when there were other types to try and find my version of paradise?

So I tried several more because of that whole in the midst of trying to find the perfect coffee maker thing I have going on.  The problem is I’ve tried a great number of makers with a variety of coffee.  And I ordered a coffee maker, the perfect one I thought.  Except then I wasn’t sure so I ordered another one…different one.  And I cancelled the first one, but then I wanted it back and well let’s just say this is all a huge tangled mess.

Yep I’ve managed to create trouble in the paradises I’ve found with coffee makers.  In other news, I won’t be sleeping for some time!



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