Fashionably Ignorant

Do the clothes make the person?  Or does the person make the outfit?  Does it even matter?

You see friends I never have really understood the fashion week shows.  To my way of seeing it the fashion shown on those catwalks won’t last a day on the regular sidewalks.  Not just because they tend to be cutting edge to the point of I can’t find the edge they are cutting.  They aren’t the most, um, practical outfits to wear.

The try is, I don’t understand fashion week exactly.  It is a chance to show something different, more artist perhaps.  But who is going to buy that kind of fashion?  And how on earth do you make it work for the mundane day-to-day lifestyle?  Is there a special dry cleaner for these fashion wonders?

And can we speak about the footwear too?  As in are there special lessons to learn how to walk in these creations?  Perhaps these shoes and boots are not designed for practical things like walking.

Maybe there was a special set of classes run at some point for girls.  A set of classes I somehow never heard of so I missed them.  And yet most of the other females I know attended these classes and learned the lessons.

On the other hand, I confess I’m not nearly as uncomfortable as some of my counter parts who talk about feet that have been killed in the name of fashion.  So maybe I spent more time in those classes about comfort, or maybe it was just a mindset. At any rate you won’t find me walking on stilts.  Not ever.  Because, um hello, they are stilts which don’t work in well walking around where I tend to walk.

Who else missed these classes?  Anyone?  Any. One. At. All?



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