A Whole Lot Of Crazy Or What Was I Thinking

Now and then I get a lot crazy.  Normally I’m only mildly so, but every now and then I push the envelope of craziness in my life.  I’m not talking crazy like running naked in the streets, unless that’s your normal.  If that is your normal, then obviously that wouldn’t be crazy for you.  For me, on the other hand, it would be crazy to the ultimate.  Because naked in the streets means getting cold and cold is not a good thing in my world.

It was a trip to the market that started this whole lot of craziness in my life.  Well okay so it was really my inability to make up my mind, but I’m still blaming the market.  There were too many tempting items to create meals with and so I bought far more than I had intended to buy with four or five recipes running through my head.

It wouldn’t have been so bad, I guess, except it was fresh produce.  Fresh produce that insisted I use it.  And is, my friends, is how the whole lot of craziness worked into my life and made me lose a whole day.  Because of course who wouldn’t make five whole meals all in one day?  Meals that feed more than two people.  Yep I know, impossible to resist right?

So after spending the rest of the day chopping, and slicing, coozing and cleaning I spent the night relaxing.  And by relaxing I’m of course referring to that fun game of Tetris you play in your refrigerator and freezer when there simply isn’t as much room as you thought.  In other news, I have several different meals from different cultures so I can build back up all that energy from the cooking and the Tetris playing.

If you happen to have been at Tetris, we made need to talk because my skills are a bit rusty! 😉


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