I Call It A Mountain, You Call It…

Not to brag or anything,m up I climbed a mountain today.  Without my assistance thank you.  I carried my own pack of stuff up that mountain too.  And not to be to annoying, I did make it down all on my own too.

Along the way there was slippery conditions to manage, gusting winds and uneven ground.  But I did climb it and come back down all in one piece and most importantly, I lived to tell about it!

Okay so I didn’t really climb a mountain today, it just seemed like it.  Some days the stairs I climb into my workplace feel like a mountain.  There are days it seems like a climb up Everest, only I seem to have failed to hire a Sherpa.  Or maybe that’s due to lupus.

Okay so maybe a combination of lupus and an active imagination! 😉  But who hasn’t had days where it seems like you’ve  climbed a mountain or walked a million miles to get to work?  And then you have to work only to climb back down the mountain or walk a million miles again to get home.

So you see, even if you don’t have a chronic illness like lupus you have those days.  And I say, if it feels like you climbed a mountain then who am I to say it was not the stairs at work?


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