Sometimes You Just

Sometimes you just don’t want to.  You don’t want to do the dishes.  You don’t want to clean the house.  You don’t want to cut the grass, shovel the snow or rake the leaves.  Some days you don’t want to cook or clean.  Sometimes you don’t want to go out and sometimes you don’t want to stay in.

And some days you just want to.  To do any of it or to not do any of it.  When I have these types of days, someone will either drag me out or leave me alone.  I think it depends on how snarky I can be based n what someone has suggested.

After all you have to be careful how much you poke the fire breathing dragon least you get a bit charbroiled!  Today I was more snarky about staying in for some reason and so I allowed myself to be taken to what has to be one of the tiniest bakeries in the world!  The store was just wide enough to three people in it standing side by side.

But the smell of all that fresh bread!  How can anyone be truly snarly-mad or stuck in the just-don’t-want-to mode with the wonderful smell of fresh bread.  It simply cannot be done!  I know this for a fact because I am one of the best at staying snarly and snarky!  Well I was, until fresh baked bread enticed me to be otherwise!


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