Wet Noses As An Energy Source

Nothing wakes you up like a cold wet nose shoved into your neck.  Well actually two cold wet noses shoved on your warm skin while you slumber peacefully will jolt you awake like nothing else.

Some how the dogs never do this when it’s warm out.  They like to wait until it’s cooler, and I’m very tired.  I suspect they do this to take over the bed after I’ve warmed it up with my body heat.

This was a dual wet nose morning, but I didn’t complain too much because I woke up to the discovery that I had some spare energy.  So I relinquished the bed to the owners of those two noses, grabbed s shower and started my day.  The owners of those bed evicting noses?  They slept.

The surprisingly thing I’ve learned as I carry out my balancing act with lupus is that I can go from having barely enough energy to have a shower one day to just a few days later having some spare energy.  It’s a bit like a roller coaster with some incredible ups and some fast descents.

Perhaps because you don’t know exactly what you will get when you wake up in the morning, or a few hours later, when you get a pleasant surprise like spare energy it’s a very joyful thing.  You can plan how you want to spend the sudden blessing be it getting to those things you just never have time or energy to reach or spending it on yourself.

I chose to spend my spare energy, while it lasted, getting in touch with friends. Maureen there was laundry to do, to tell the truth is there is always laundry to do.  And it isn’t going to go  anywhere.  Laundry is never going to be something I wish I had spent more time doing.  But having conversations and sharing with friends, that’s why I miss when I’m on one of those downhill trends.

How do you wake up in the morning?  How do you spend your spare energy?


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