Sleeping Spaces or Bedtime Wars

So the dogs have taken over the king sized bed.  Not taken over a part of the bed mind you, the whole bed.  As in no space for the human who bought the bed for her own use.  As in the human who was willing to share a portion of the bed.  Freely share.  Apparently in dog logic share means all mine!

Sure it was the human who first out the dogs on the bed, while the human read before going to sleep.  The rule this human had in place was that when it was time to turn off the lights the dogs were placed lovingly into their own beds.  Beds that were bought for them and had added comforts such as blankets and pillows and small snugly animals to keep them comfortable.

So what happened? Well one of the humans who sleeps in “the big bed” was too sick and hurt to really get the dogs on or off the bed.  The other human is a bit of a “rules don’t always have to be followed” kind of person.  Certainly not when he isn’t in the mood or is very sleepy.  And thus the two dogs spent the night on the bed.  Plotting to take over the whole bed no doubt while the two humans innocently slept.

Same type of situation occurs a few more times and suddenly they think they own the whole bed.  Begrudgingly these two share to spaces of the bed with me.  The other human?  Not so much, it’s simply too much space they have to give up.  Frankly I’m okay with Beloved not getting the space because to be honest he does take up too much space, steals the covers too.  😯

So I need to find something else for the dogs to take over.  And I really need to learn how on earth they suddenly managed to grow large enough to take over the bed.  This may be a trick I need at some point!


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