Planting Belief In Self Again

I recently received two gifts to cheer me up.  I appreciate them because they are unlike anything I’ve ever had before, however they also cause me stress.  You see friends I received a prayer plant and another plant called Moses In A Basket.

both plants are unusual to me and according to their papers, both are to care for.  They like shade and should it be watered when the soil feels dry.  Sounds easy, even for me.

So I found a nice place to put them followed the whole watering thing and they started to go a bit limp. The person who gave them to me refused to rescue the poor things, pointing out the orchid and African Violet’s have survived my almost black thumb.

Really it came to making a change, I could add more water or change their location.  Changing the location seemed the most likely and so I moved them into another room that had a bit more sun in it.  And the plants both perked up a bit.  Please don’t uncross your fingers yet…it’s still early days after all.. And least you forget, I’ve managed to kill all those impossible-to-kill type of plants I’ve received over my life.   I mean I e killed air plants for heaven sake!

Given the religious theme to these plants, I’m hoping my friend had them blessed and what have you so they’d have the strength to get through the test known as surviving me!  But I have hope, since the orchid and the violets are hanging in there.  And maybe that’s the real gift my friend gave me, the gift of strong hope and faith in me even when my self faith is lagging a bit.


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