Copping With Chronic Illness And A Little Pampering

A friend recently had won a free hand treatment, well really two free hand treatments because they did both her hands.  Given that she is a very practical person, I was surprised when she announced she was going for a hand treatment.  She had entered a draw at the school where she teaches and the prize she  won was a hand treatment at a very posh spa.

Her hands look lovely, and feel so smooth it’s amazing.  She said the process started with soaking her hands in some herbs and water followed by the technical scrubbing her hands with more herbs.  Her hands were patted dry with a fluffy towel before being placed in warm wax.

She apparently lost track of the treatments after that, and who can blame her given it was a two-hour treatment.  Two hours that she said made her wonder if she was using her time wisely or not.  It seemed to huge expense of time for hands that wouldn’t stay in this condition for any length of time.  She said she felt guilty for allowing her self this time to be pampered.

I understand all of this.  I too feel guilty when I spend time like this.  I don’t normally pamper myself, but when it happens I feel like I should be spending time productively.  I feel guilty at having been able to partake in this pleasure, guilty about how I’m spending time or money.  I also feel guilty because it’s a selfish indulgence.  Again, these things don’t happen often for me.

One of my doctor’s thinks I have this all wrong.  Her thinking is given all the time and effort I spend trying to have a “normal” life with lupus, I should pamper myself a little.  She insists I need some balance and relaxation time and pampering fits the bill.  Belived tends to agree with this doctor, perhaps because he knows I won’t actually do it.  At least not often.

Instead I pamper myself with a relaxing day or a nice coffee or tea or if I really want to splurge, a good book.  Getting my feet and hands all prettied up just isn’t me.  Not on an even irregular basis.  But I do agree that sometimes with a chronic illness you do have to lift yourself up a little bit.  Heck life for anyone is hard at times and a little something within your means and values that picks you up a bit shouldn’t be beyond your reach or make you feel guilty.  Because guilt gets in the way of feeling a little more up.


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