The Toes Have It

Who knew an elipitcal machine would equal toe pain?  Sore thighs?   Was read for that deep yet good ache of using muscles, such as those in my thighs.  Knees feeling creaky?  This is almost a given no matter what I do.  I mean you can hear me coming long before you can see me thanks to creaky knees and popping ankles.  Yep I’m my own musical band, of sorts! 😉

Toe pain however had not occurred to me as a side effect of using this machine.  And yet that’s exactly what I’m dealing with.  Sore toes, toes that ache and throb for no good reason at all.  Not toenail pain, just flat-out toe pain.  My medical team, aka the doctor, believes it is from having broken my toes many years ago.  Skiing.

My ever so helpful friends have decided it’s from shoes that are too small, or too big.  So apparently I failed the whole Goldilocks test on my shoes, at least according to these people.  But of course it can’t be the shoes because my toes don’t bother me except when I use the machine.

I’m beginning to think that physical activity and my toes are not meant to be.  Not together at any rate! 😉  Now I’m not about to remove my toes and I’m not yet ready to cease doing anything that uses my toes…aka everything, so perhaps I shall just give up the elipitcal.



2 thoughts on “The Toes Have It

  1. Maybe it’s the workout shoes but only while on the machine? My toes get pinched too sometimes, but I have big feet and I do definitely need some new shoes…:(

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