Toes.  Who knew they were so pivotal in life?  I didn’t, not until I lost mine.  Well okay I didn’t exactly lose them.  Here are still there, attached fur,y to the ends of my feet.  But at the time it seemed like I lost them.

You see in my youth I tried this thing called skiing with a group of people who had done this before.  I on the other hand had not.  Skiing was new to me, so was this awesome thing called a chairlift. Life needs more chairlifts, not because it’s easier to get up the incline, but because of their utter awesomeness!😊

Apparently these people happen to take the whole hill part rather seriously.  I mean it’s called down hill,  the emphasis being on hill.  How hill translates to mountain I’m not sure, but that’s where we ended up.  Which explains the whole chairlift thing.  Oh and the skis?  Rented.  So that takes us up to standing at the top of the world’s largest mountain, on the steepest slope.

Picture this, rented skis that came with poles, what on earth are these things even for? Knees shaking and useless poles abandoned because really other than stabbing implements completely useless to me. Oh and the ritual with wax has been completed and my skis are nice and shiny.  Because that’s what the wax is for isn’t it?

Thankfully I don’t recall the trip down the hill, just the ending which was a bit abrupt.  Which brings us back to the importance of toes.  You see the abrupt ending resulted in some broken toes.  Mine specifically.  And it was then I learned how much I love my toes.

So you’d think that after suffering the horror of toe damage in the past I’d be careful with these precious piggies of mine!  But nope not me.  Maybe it’s blocking out the horror of not being able to walk properly that allowed me to drop a heavy box on my large toe. Which apparently is cracked, not that they do anything for cracks or breaks when it comes to toes!  But it does mean I have some time of creating a new style of walking.

So don’t let the suffering of my toes go in vain friends!  Watch your tootsies!




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