Appreciating Lessons Via Lupus

A friend watched the movie Everest recently and said it was a “dumb” movie that as far as she can tell was all about poor planning.  She couldn’t fathom how someone could spend their entire bank account for a dream, a dream that basically was a glorified vacation with some serious physical activity.  Further to that she couldn’t understand how a person could spend all that money for a dream that involved risking one’s life.

now I haven’t seen the movie, but I can understand doing anything within your power to fulfill a dream.  For the dream isn’t just realized by climbing the mountain or attempting the climb.  The dream, at least for me, is what happens after you have reached the point.  I believe it is impossible to remain unchanged and that’s the beauty of trying or reaching out to touch a dream.  You simply cannot be exactly the same because to touch a dream, to attempt to touch it, is a bit of magic.

I will be the first to admit my point of view is a bit different.  It is surely altered to a degree by having a serious, chronic illness that is not totally managed at this stage.  You see friends lupus has taught me a few lessons that I may not have fully grasped otherwise. Lupus has taught me the beauty of a challenge, the beauty of being changed by the challenge.  Sure there are bumps and bruises, but it is a lesson learned through experiences that forges us stronger in some ways.  Perhaps a bit of the shiny outer layers is removed from us, but we are truly richer for the experience.

My friend would counter that no one needs or sees the beauty in an experience that results on death.  But death is just an end that we all face at some point.  And there is a romantic strength in dying doing what you love, or reaching for the stars.  Lupus has made me comfortable with mortality.  And by being comfortable with my own mortality I have come to see the beauty and joy in the everyday simple things.  The songs of the birds early in the morning are ever so sweet to my ears.  I love to watch the clouds dance across the sky on a windy day.  The smell of freshly baked bread is a bit like heaven I suspect.  And the list goes on.

To me, as much as lupus can make life a little harder, it also makes the rewards in life sweeter because you know just how precious it all is.  So lupus taught me that well I may face my time with Everest, I will certain be enjoying every minute of it that I can.


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