Living Lupus Style With Causal Chaos

As a child I had a bit of a chaos theory in the works when it came to cleaning up my room.  I understood, at some level, the need for neat and tidy.  But on another level I just never understood why I had to spend my time tidying up.  I knew where everything was in my piles and I saw beauty in those piles.  My mama would say that the beauty was when the piles were excavated and clean floor was visible!  😉

Somehow ive never lost the inner beauty of the chaos methods.  I seem to thrive on chaos and mess at times.  But controlled chaos and controlled messes.  Perhaps that’s why for me life with lupus is a bit of giving and taking.  It’s a bit chaotic and messy, but I think living life in general is a bit chaotic and messy.  Lupus just adds another dimension to it all! 😉

And so you see friends, when I have piles of books on the table or laundry to be put away it honestly isn’t my fault.  It’s a case of being caught up in the beauty of the moment and rolling with the chaotic waves of lupus!  At least that’s my logic to the situation.

Someone recentky wrote to me asking how I figure leaving things until I have energy to be smart.  The logic this individual presented was if I out away the books or laundry when it was only a small amount it would be less tasking. I don’t argue with this logic.  It works for a lot of people.  It just doesn’t work for me when lupus has siphoned off my energy.

When lupus robs me of my energy, it’s easier to let the piles be and wait until I have energy.  During those times it’s better to marvel at how easy it is and how freeing it is to let go of control and allow moderate chaos to run about.  Moderate chaos isn’t anything I cannot handle.

of course if you’d like to come here and sort out my chaotic life you are welcome to try!


2 thoughts on “Living Lupus Style With Causal Chaos

  1. It takes living with lupus to understand how completely exhausting even the tiniest amount to do can be during a flare!

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