Something Fishy

Fish. Fish, what’s for dinner.  Well some days it is.  I don’t fish now and then, a little if it has a strong fishy flavor or more if it doesn’t.  Oh and it can’t be hatters and deep fired.  I know.  Weird.

So I’m on a quest to find recipes for fish that taste like not fish.  Some recipes a have worked better than others.  Some have been frankly disasters and one was an absolute nightmare.

Land given my luck, it was the utter nightmare that I assured Beloved would be a mostly wonderful meal.  A meal we would enjoy.  Which of course never happened.  And to be honest I should have known better when I went out to gather the ingredients and struggled to find some of them and made multiple trips just to gather everything.  It didn’t help I had to deal with a dead fish looking at me.  Yes friends the fish was bought with its head on.  Who can eat something with its eyes still in the head?  Who can eat with dead eyes staring at them? 😐

So tonight I tried a recipe that used salmon, mango, walnuts, onion, chili peppers, oranges and arugula.  The picture looked so promising.  The meal was so not what the picture promised and tasted not so good.  I’m not saying it’s the recipes fault, I may very well have screwed it up.  But we won’t be trying it again any time soon.

The dogs will be sorely disappointed as they love fish and know when I get fish for humans, the dogs get their own fish.  So for their sake I must find a really good recipe so there is more fish in the house!


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