Marketing or What

I personally find that berating people does wonders for one’s business.  I recently received a subscription for a magazine as a gift.  The person who gave me the gift had made the purchase online and I received an email alerting me to this gift.

It truly is a lovely gift and one I am most happy with, but what I am not happy with is the patronizing, harassing emails I receive from the magazine company about purchasing other items that go hand in hand with the gift.

The first email came as a pleasant, informative email alerting me to the product at a steeply discounted price if I acted with 72 hours.  I am not interested in this other product, deeply discounted or not.

The second email started with “I’m surprised you haven’t acted on this generous offer…”  Again keep in mind this for a product I do not wish.  The email goes on to say “I can’t understand why you haven’t acted on this gift…”

The third email started with “Clearly you haven’t understood just how great of an offer we are proving to yo so let us explain in simple turns what you will be getting.”  It spelled out what I could expect to receive with this additional product and how awesome it would make my life.  It ended with “If you aren’t wise enough to act on such a generous discount for such a great product, we cannot help you for feeling foolish at missing such a wonderful opportunity.”

I shared these emails with my friend who provided me with the gift and she was surprised at the aggressive and somewhat rude emails I received.  We both complained about the emails, the insistence that I, stupid as I may be, clearly require this product.  I mean my life is clearly not complete without said product.

I’m not sure how many people fall for this kind of pressure marketing, but I guess there must be a large amount given that my complaint seemed foreign when I voiced them.  The fact is, these emails have left a slightly sour taste in my mouth and have dampened the gift.  And that’s the shame.  Not as shameful as this company’s market thought.


One thought on “Marketing or What

  1. Agreed. I have a slight issue with marketers in general.

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