In The Market For Some Energy

I decided to go to the market and see what caught my eye for tonight’s meal.  It seemed like a great idea at the time.  Plus there wasn’t a lot of food in the house for some odd reason.  Mostly because grocery shopping had not happened when it usually does.  Now you may be wondering how a person misses a usual and routine thing like shopping for groceries especially since food helps to keep you alive.

Apparently since I’m not a fan of grocery shopping I managed to miss doing the routine for some reason.  And some how the idea of going to the market seemed so much better than grocery shopping.  Yes friends I do realize it works out to being the same thing, but hey you have to do whatever it takes to make the less pleasant task more tolerable.

So I went to the market only to realize that not growing up in a place where markets are a regular thing I have somehow missed certain skills.  Skills like well placed elbows; how to snap your fingers to get the next number; how to get the best deal and the best way to cut in line without anyone getting too upset with you.  I mean these are life skills I should have had under my belt today at the market.  I have a bruised instep to prove it!

I came home more weary and bruised than I should have.  But I had lovely fresh produce to prepare and a wonderful idea for my meal.  The only real problem was that I had no energy to cook the meal.

So maybe on top of market skills I need spare energy!  Oh wait, lupus would just steal it!


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