No Accounting On Sheep

If it’s a warm summer day and a small cloud burst should happen to rain down suddenly upon a bunch of sheep  soaking them, and then just as suddenly the sun and heat return yo dry things up, do the sheep find their fleece a little tight?  If not can someone please tell me how it is that my wool scarf washed in apparently warm water seems to be a bit shorter?

My hands have been giving me trouble for a few days so I was unable to wash the scarf on my own.  A well-meaning loved one decided to “freshen up” the scarf.  She used the soap I always use and she swears she used only slightly warm water, but to me it seems that after the scarf dried it shrunk somehow.  Of course that could all just be in my head.  Granted hot water would make the item shrink, but since only slightly warm water was used this doesn’t explain things.

Speaking of sheep, how on earth do they stay so fluffy, no matter how dirty they get?  I mean my hair never stays full of body of fluffy no matter how lovely and clean it is.

Yes dear friends, sometimes it’s these deep questions that keep my mind active when it should be resting.  So does the idea of acquiring a Pygmy sheep, if such a thing exists, as a pet!


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