It’s What’s Cooking

Early man cooked over open flame.  Over time the open flames were tamed and transformed to ovens and suchlike.  None of the changes happened over night  nor in one person’s lifetime.  Most certainly these changes did not all happen during Beloved’s lifetime.

Beloved hasn’t mastered the art of cooking over an open flame.  He has, however, mastered the art of fire.  As in setting the food he is cooking on fire. Or as he likes to call it, flambé. 😉

Because who doesn’t want flambé marshmallows, steak, potatoes and pancakes and such?  Charring adds flavor and ash provides a new texture, at least that’s what he says!

I’m not sure what’s been happening lately because to be honest he’s a much better cook than I am.  Lately however he has literally set food aflame.  And not just a small spark of flame either, full on flames that make you wonder how insurance would handle the fire that was started by a few flaming potatoes.

Perhaps it’s his way of getting out of cooking!  On the plus side we know the smoke detector works and the fire extinguisher is brand new now!  I wonder if there has been enough smoke now to warrant fresh paint on the wall…  And hey if using smoke signals ever comes in vogue we have this mastered!


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