A Fishy Video Reveals Human Nature

A coworker’s husband is traveling abroad and decided to send her some videos of the things he is experiencing.  That way, he explained to her, she can share the experience with him as well somewhat.

The first video he sent was exploring th streets near his hotel.  This video included a rather long view of the various street food available to him.  Local delights that wouldn’t be things we’d find at home.  I must say the bugs-on-stick  deal aren’t really my thing.  What this video didn’t show was him sampling the local fare, or the after effects.

The second video was of a visit to a busy market.  Unfortunately he moved so quickly that everything he shot was blurry.  But it’s the effort that counts because the market was very busy and elbows were flying.

The latest video is of him partaking of a local custom…a pedicure of sorts I guess.  The pedicure is being delivered via fish.  Yes fish.  Well I don’t think they do the whole thing, but they removed the dead skin before the nails are tended to and the lotion applied.  Or maybe you don’t get lotion if the fish nibble on you.  I’m not familiar with this, I mean I’ve heard of it and seen it done before.  But I’m not in the know on all the ins and outs.  And to be honest I’m okay with this.

I’m not sure exactly how healthy this process is.  I mean do the fish carry diseases?  Can they transfer things like athletes foot from one person to another?  And are they pooping in the water where your feet, freshly exfoliated feet at that?  If so does that create a health problem?  How are the fish regulated?

My biggest question though is how did we come to this place?  Who first decided to give this a try and market it to the masses?  And why on earth did my coworker’s husband decide to stick his feet in a bucket and then have the water and fish dumped on his feet? I’m not sure he needed to video the whole fifteen minted of the treatment either, but my coworker watched it all.

What ive learned from these videos is that I have no desire to let fish exfoliate my feet.  I’ve also discovered that street food is the same and yet different the world over.  And where there are sales, you better be prepared for an elbow from a sweet looking older lady because when it comes to sales, anything goes!  See people aren’t that different no matter where you are!  Some people go to spas where they relax and have people work on their feet where other people sit in a comfortable chair and let the fish do the work.


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