Rocking It

I think there is something wrong with one of the dogs.  Not anything serious like call the vet wrong, just wrong as in not part of the program at home.  We have a routine here at home.  Not a super rigid routine, but a routine nonetheless.  The dogs enjoy routine too, or at least they did until recently.

The dogs are ready to go to bed for the night around 10:00pm.  Typically I take them out for the last time for the night around quarter to ten, then I round-up their “babies”.  These babies are stuffed puppies that were their first toys when they came to us.  They will not settle down until the babies are in the beds.  After these preparations are completed they will slowly make their way to the room where they collapse into their respective dog beds.  Keep in mind that if the humans aren’t ready for bed at this time, the dogs will keep coming to get us and try to push us to the bedroom.  It’s their herding instinct! 😉  Although neither one of them has a herding background…😐

The past few nights one of the dogs has been coming to wake me up around quarter to 1. The first time I thought this dog required a trip outside to take care of the call of nature. I was wrong.

Food was not wanted, nor was drink.  Instead this four-footed one wanted to be held on my lap, and rocked in the rocking chair.  No clue why this has started, but it is becoming the routine for this wee one.  We typically rock for fifteen minutes and then we are good to go to bed until it’s time to get up and start our day.

The second time this happened I thought that perhaps the dog was scared of some noise or something, but the other dog didn’t wake up and normally what sets off one will also set off the other one as well.  I didn’t hear any noises and there isn’t anything unusual happening in the neighbourhood to create a disturbance that would upset the dog.

A friend thought that maybe this dog was getting more sleep during the day and therefore felt more alert at night.  But it isn’t an alert behavior really in that the dog doesn’t want to play.  He just wants to be picked up, held on my lap and rocked.

If his timing wasn’t so odd it would be cute, but the these early morning bonding sessions are leaving me a bit more tired than I’d like.  And I’m afraid if I continue doing this with him it will become a routine.  He may then share this routine with the other dog which is scary because I only have one lap!😉  If I don’t, he starts to bark quietly and surely he isn’t afraid to use his outside voice if he doesn’t get his rocking session.  Any ideas?


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