Lavender Style

Today I received a pale lavender shirt.  It looked identical, style-wise to a white shirt I already own.  A white shirt that I placed in the laundry yesterday.

Since this pale lavender shirt didn’t come with tags on it, and surprisingly arrived with the freshly completed laundry.  Even more surprising was the fact that my shirt was nowhere to be found!

Of course what happened is that my white shirt some how ended up with some coloured laundry.  Something of a purple shade bled its color through to my white shirt.  And now I have a pale lavender shirt that doesn’t really go with my clothes.

Normally when he does laundry there are many piles…we have a white pile, an off-white to light beige pile, a pile of reds, blues and a black pile plus other colors sorted some fashion.  Beloved believes in being very careful when he does the laundry, which is why the lavender shirt is such a surprise.  Almost as surprising is the fact that he has a pair of socks that now match my shirt!

socks and shirts can be replaced and frankly it was a little funny when he told me he had found me a new shirt.  But he was clearly not happy with himself.  He prides himself on running a very tight ship when it comes to laundry and this clearly was anything but a tight ship.

The lavender shirt may not go with some of my clothing, but I think I rather like it.  It’s a symbol of being human and reminds me hat even Beloved, despite al of his care can make a mistake now and then!


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