Animals Aanimals Everywhere, Or Noah’s Ark In The House

Noah’s ark, well what appears to some of the contents of the ark at any rate, is strewn across my floor right now.  Over there is a kangaroo, next the kangaroo rests an abnormally large rabbit.  Not to be outdone a giant squirrel is draped over the arm of a chair and in the seat is a warthog, a warthog that is smaller than the squirrel.  A turtle and a small whale are in the potted plants.  No I have no idea how or why.  A duck, a chicken and a huge frog are near the door.  The owl is sitting in the beaver and the hedgehog is halfway under a chair.  A floppy fox is half on and half off the table.  I have no clue where the Opossum is right now, probably in the witness protection program with the monkey and the pig.  Don’t let the kola at the top of the stairs scare you, she’s harmless.  It’s the cow that you need to be careful with, she has some hard bits if you step in her funny.

I have no clue how any of this happened, mostly because it seems to have occurred while I was sleeping.  I suspect the four-footed ones are at the heart of this, but given the size of the mayhem, I don’t believe they acted alone.  Oh no, I suspect a two-footed being helped out! 😉

Yes these are all toys.  Soft toys, most with squeakers or such.  So yes dog toys.  Yes the dogs are spoiled.   I’m fully aware we have too many dog toys, but they do seem to like to shake he living stuffing out of the creatures and then find another toy to do the same thing to.  Of course they don’t have an ark for their toys.  We should probably get on it because currently the toys reside in a basket.  Noah would be horrified at that I’m sure! 😉


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