A Fortune Indeed

A friend suggested that I should go and have my fortune told, probably because she didn’t want to go alone.  In the past I’ve had readings done for school, research and out of curiosity.  Not curiosity of my further or my fortune, but rather the traditions and ceremonies tied to those traditions.

It would be easier to know what would happen in life and when you could expect those certain events to happen.  A person wouldn’t be caught off guard that way.  As my friend out it, while we were waiting out turn, you could plan properly for things this way.  You’d have things set aside when you needed them and in other cases you’d splurge only in times of plenty.

I suppose it would make life not just easy, but also prove a sense of calm.  But what would happen if one of the predetermined events didn’t happen exactly as planned?  Well then chaos would happen.  Emotional turmoil perhaps.  Maybe anxiety or confusion would come into play.  But also, I think, would be this wonderful potential for something new…something truly extraordinary.

oh I know, I went and rained a bit on the parade.  But I had to!  You see without those unseen curveballs that happen in life, I find life would be dull and boring.  There’d be no real need to engage in living whole and completely because you already know everything that’s going to happen and when it happens.  And if you live everything based on this rigid of a line, where is the chance to explore and learn?  How do you grow as a person if you aren’t offered challenges and adversity!

When my fortune was done being told I was left with this:  I will have the wealth I need although it may not be what I want.  My riches will not be the kind that goes into the bank and while I will know love, I shall also know loss.  Seems to me that fortune isn’t a bad one, it’s left it all up to me to make what I want out of life and I’m free to explore and learn as I go through the ultimate adventure…one called living life!


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