A Mismatched Sense Of Fashion or The Trouble With Socks

So I went to work today wearing mismatched socks.  As in one was longer than the other and one was grey to the other being navy. Thankfully no one knee about this wee fashion blunder other than myself.  Now for the record I do have a few pairs of mismatched socks…I bought them that way.  They were sold as a pair of mismatched socks and I loved that about them.

I know, some of you are shaking your heads and wondering about the deficiency of my clothes dryer because almost everyone ends up with mismatched socks thanks to their drier.  You know how you always find one sock is missing when you take everything out of the drier?  Yes it is a way to come up with mismatched socks and I suppose there is something that is so utterly practical about using all those mismatched as pairs that is rather disheartening.  It’s probably the whole practical side of it since what attracts me to my our chased sets of mismatched socks is the fact that they aren’t mismatched for a practical reason.  Just a bit of whimsy, fun or chaos.  Call it what you wish, it pleases me.

So when I confessed my fashion faux pas today to a colleague I’m not sure why I felt a sense of chagrin, but I did.  She told me she once wear a pair of mismatched shoes and didn’t realize it until her day was almost finished.  She said one shoe was with a heel and the other was flat and she assumed the reason she never noticed was she was caught up in her lessons of the day.

Sharing my discovery with Beloved resulted in a shrug of his shoulders and a mention of how I had paid money for mismatched socks in the past.  He did point out that my glee at chaos as well as my need to rebel may be why I’m attracted to my mismatched socks.  So the question we have is why does it bother me so that I made my own pair of mismatched socks out of two pairs of matched socks?  Is it a rule that I broke and feel it was wrong to break?  Is it because they weren’t just color mismatched but also how “tall” they were?  Or is it perhaps just that it wasn’t done completely on purpose and therefore shouldn’t have happened that bother me?



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