Prints In The Snow Or What I Learned About Life On The Sidelines

Tiny little prints marred the otherwise pristine white blanket of snow on the ground.  Two sets of little prints created crazy circles in the snow.  Loops upon loops tracked across the grass to the point where I couldn’t tell where they started on ended.

The artists of this crazy masterpiece had come inside and apparently were exhausted as they had collapsed into a heap of wet paws and twisted tails.  Yes friends, the culprits were my two four-footed ones!

Apparently my dislike of the cold and snow did not translate into the training I had done with these two!  They delight in a fresh snowfall and provided it isn’t too cold out they will play in it until they are exhausted and throughly soaked.  And smelling like wet dog!

Besides the paw prints, there are snow angel prints and tunnels created by inquisitive noses all to be found in the snow.  And to be honest it’s a little hard to have a strong dislike of snow when these two delight and enjoy in it so much!  Not that I will be making tunnels in the snow with my nose any time soon! 😉  Sure I make tracks, sometimes crazy loops as I chase them back to the house. And I haven’t made a snow angel in years because well snow is cold and gets down your back.

But slowly I am learning to find joy in the snow even if the cold makes my joints ache.  Because life on the sidelines, whether due to fear, illness or dislike, is not nearly as much fun as the odd dash in the snow with two imps who can’t control their unbridled joy!


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