When The Shoes Fit

When I was young I relished wearing “big” shoes.  Not my own shoes mind you, I mean those were little kid shoes.  Instead I would slide my little feet into my mom or dad’s shoes.  It didn’t matter who they belonged to as long as it was an adult.

Never mind I could get both my feet into one shoe, that was neither here nor there.  A shoe for each foot and off I’d go, a bit like a wind up toy that had just been wound up.  High heels, sandals, loafers or sneakers.  The type didn’t matter, just that they came from an adult.

Now I wear adult shoes every day and somehow the appeal of wearing them has worn off.  Of course I no longer try to run around in shoes that aren’t for me.  You see wearing shoes that are too big for you comes with risks.  Risks of running or falling out of your shoe; tripping over too big shoes; and don’t forget about foot fatigue, you know from lifting shoes that are clearly heavier than you’d usual wear.

Now when I need to feel grown-up (I suspect I never will fully achieve that state of maturity) I don a pair of fancy, glitzy or elegant shoes.  Yes typically these tend to be heels, which is still a bit like running around in shoes that are too big!  Most adults, I suspect have shoes for different occasions, and sure at times they will try to fill another person’s shoes…so to speak, in metaphorical terms. But we usually have no need, nor desire, to find a pair of too big shoes to slip on.  Frankly if  had a pair of kiddie shoes, I’d probably try to slip into them because adult shoes have turned out to not be as much fun as now that they fit!  And maybe I could recapture some of that youthful energy and drive!



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