I Go Because…

Isn’t it funny how with the right person things you swore you’d never do or enjoy become things that you do and if not enjoy than at least enjoy the time they afford you with that person?

I wasn’t born with ice skating ankles.  As a matter of fact I was born with the opposite kind of ankles so the minute I put on a pair of ice skates, my ankles give way and I’m flat on the ice.  And for the record I’m not a fan of sitting, falling or crouching on the ice.  I’m also not a fan of being put in a position of not being able to stand up.  In other words ice skating is not my idea of a good time.  Cold, by the way, is also not my cup of tea.

Beloved, on the other hand, has discovered his inner ice skater.  He isn’t very good a time to, it he enjoys going out and strapping in some skates and not-exactly-gliding his way across the surface.  He seems to have at least partial ice skating ankles to support him.  He has no need to hold into boards to make his way cautiously around the rink.  Nope, that would be me.

But I go with him, even though he can’t help support me.  Even though he can’t pick me up off the ice.   I go because I love the giggle that surfaces from him now and then.  I go because I love the way his tongue pokes out the corner of his mouth ever so slightly as he makes his way around he surface.  I go because I adore seeing his child like glee as he completes his way around without falling once.

Of course I also go because I love the conversation over a warm drink that always happens after he has completed his fun!

A side effect may be that I develop quasi-ice skating ankles!  But I’m not holding my breath on that, nor do I really care.  Because I can always move off the ice and just watch him when I have acquired enough bruises for the day! 😉



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