Poor Pointsettia

Well friends, I must report today the passing of the poinsettia.  He was brave and fought a very good fight, but in the end he was no match for living in our house. Late yesterday he took a turn for the worse, dropping weight (leaves) and being stick thin.

Early this morning, surrounded by his plant friends, he simply gave up his last leaf and succumbed to the dis-ease most plants have living on our house.  He will be missed…his brilliantly coloured personality that he displayed with his leaves and flowers were always a welcome sight to my eyes.

I must confess when Beloved told me that poinsettia would be joining our family I was unsure.  I didn’t know how he’d fit in to things.  Where would he be best suited, what did he need and so on.  I was cautious and careful around poinsettia least I upset him or make him feel unwelcomed.

He settled in just fine, finding his place among the other plants and bring joy to our faces.  And then, shortly after Christmas he seemed to feel a little under the weather.  His leaves dropped, petals fell of his slender body.

We consults experts, tried a variety of things and for a while it looked like he was going to win the battle.  He perked up, his petals and leaves stopped falling and he seemed to be feeling like his old self.

And then sadly he lost the battle.  Our lives are a wee bit less colourful, the room s little more empty.  And once more I am left to wonder how many poor plants will suffer at my well-meaning, yet utterly hopeless hands?


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