Sleeping Dogs

Somehow today we managed to sleep in.  Instead of being up by 04:30 we got up at 06:25.  It is possible, I believe, that if someone hadn’t needed to go potty, that we may have made it to 07:00!

In our house this is a huge issue!  One of our much-loved four-footed family members as what we refer to as a pre-sunrise bladder.  For some reason this member needs to get up and go outside just before the sun starts to rise.  And after he gets up, he isn’t interested in going back to sleep.  He wants to play, or snuggle in the rocking chair, or investigate with his four-footed friend.

This results in everyone being woken up to soft woofs, and whines.  These don’t stop until everyone is out of bed and in starting the day.  I know, especially if you are a night owl, that this may not sound like a great start to the day, but who can resist tail wags and happy doggie dancing?  Some how when this starts a morning, it makes me heart smile.

But today there wasn’t a wet nose, whine or woof to wake us up at 04:30.  And so we slept.   Well to be honest we both woke up, but heard two dogs snoring so we decided to go back to sleep for a bit.  Those woofs, whines and wet noses made their presence known at 07:00.  At which point Beloved and I wondered if both dogs were feeling okay.  It appeared as though ey felt fine, so we started off our regular morning, albeit a little later than normal.

Our extra early rises seems no worse for the wear, however Beloved phoned the vet just to be sure.  We were both surprised st what the vet said, which was “everyone, even early risers, need a lie-in sometimes”!  She also felt that both dogs had probably been over-tired from time walking out in the wet woods.  By walking I mean that’s what I did.  He dogs however were in a hurry to smell all the different scents; chase squirrels, birds and imaginary animals.  In other words they were running all over the place.  Not just running higher thither and yin.  But running while dragging their human boat anchor who simply couldn’t keep up.

The truth is, I’d be exhausted as well and probably need to sleep in.  It was also a longer than normal car ride for the two of them.  They don’t sleep in the car because they are busy looking out the windows and such, but after a car ride they normally fall into a deep sleep.  And since we got home late basically it was “bed time” not long after getting home.

It was a nice change, this little extra sleep, but it also made me feel lazy.  Not to mention  it made me feel as if I had wasted part of the day.  Beloved didn’t seem to mind the extra rest and unlike me didn’t feel he had wasted a moment of the day.  But he isn’t looking for a repeat day immediately because it’s just not normal!  He said once or twice a year is about all he can handle of this extra rest.


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