Racing Ways

Sometimes you just don’t know what you got.  And sometimes what you got isn’t what you wanted.  For example I had no idea that the road running behind my house was a racetrack.  And for the record, I didn’t plan on living near a racetrack.  Further to that I do not want to live near a racetrack.

Oh sure now and then I go a little fast, burn a little rubber.  But not every day and not on residential roads.  That’s just not good.

However there are some new people in the neighbourhood who have decided that speed limits aren’t even gentle guidelines.  Nope, for these people speed limits just do not factor into anything at all.  Given that this is a residential area with young children, dogs and their humans and elderly people who all like walk.  On the sidewalks.  Which apparently are really just extensions of the road.  And children, dogs and heir owners, elderly people, and anything else on the sidewalk?  Fair game it appears.

But where we live, well let’s just say people are resourceful.  So if the speed is too fast, there are ways of slowing down.  I’m not sure how, but according to my neighbor a few of he more resourceful people have placed things to slow down the drivers.

I personally haven’t been out to check on things simple because after a long treatment day I have no energy to do anything.  But there has been two accidents involving fast cars colliding into each other.  And from what my neighbour says, these accidents have brought the police attention to root cause of the accidents.  In other words the police are now monitoring the racetrack.  And for some reason when the police are here no one wants to race!  Now if only the police presence would make lupus slow down…

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