Rebelling Against Rebellion or Lupus Acting Up

Today has been a day of rebellion.  Full out, rebellion.  Rebellion gong one hundred miles an hour with its hair on fire.  Yep that kind of rebellion.

It started with my body rebelling against the call to rise and shine.  Shining, it turns out, was not in the cards today.  Rising was asking more than enough according to my body.

Not to be outdone, the four-footed ones decided to stage their own rebellion against getting out of their warm, comfortable beds.  The truth is I didn’t wake them up, nor did I ask them to leave their beds.  I suspect it was hungry tummies that caused the four-footed ones to get up and make their way to the kitchen.

Ah yes the kitchen The scene of many a rebellion from my cooking to dropping dishes to smashed coffee pots.  Today my fingers rebelled from the job of gripping dishes.  And the truth is the dishes, in their own right, staged a rebellion that ended with them falling to their demise on the cold kitchen floor.

Yes friends it was a day where lupus encouraged rebellions of all sorts!  With the worst of it coming in the form of trapped words and ideas.

Normally the words, and ideas, flow freely and in an organic fashion without a struggle.  Today however my mind rebelled at sharing words, ideas and thoughts.  My mind greedily held the words and ideas hostage, not wanting to offer up even the littlest of hint of what was trapped.

And so friends, I too rebelled today.  I rebelled against lupus wanting to have a lazy day. I rebelled against my rebelling fingers, hair and other body parts.  Most of all I rebelled against lupus taking away my routine.


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