Savouring or Greedy

Some days are meant to be held back, to be stopped and frozen so we can savour them all the more.  The trick, of course, is to hold the time back.  Sadly a trick that I’ve not yet learned and so the day slips away faster than I wish.  Or perhaps it is that I desire to do more, including be lazy, than there are hours in the day!

Perhaps it has to do with the sun coming out, perhaps it has to do with the temperatures getting a bit warmer, but today was be of those days where I wanted to hold the day still and just enjoy all of it.  Including from the four-footed ones needing to be up before the sun.  They wanted me to see the sunrise surely!

The broken teacup?  A minor affair that was quickly cleaned up and nothing to darken the day.  The splash in the remaining puddles?  Who doesn’t need a nice foot bath now and then.  Granted warm water and some soap would have been nice, but nature provides in her own way as she sees fit.

And to be honest it was nice to be out watching the four-footed ones splash about and give into my own inner childish ways.  Even the waterfowl seemed to be enjoying the let up of the rain.  And for a few moments it was nice to forget about the suddenly appearing water feature in our garden as well the front doorway.

It’s funny isn’t it, how you think you want something, and then when you are provided with a variant of that which you think you want, you suddenly realize it was more just a nice ugh the than an actual want?  So yes the water feature will be going.  Granted now that the rain had stopped and the sun was out the water features would go on their own accord.

To be honest I think even the buckets were glad for the rest!  And at least now Beloved and I know we can bail, so f you need assistance bailing things out, we have that going for us.  But a rest from all of that is nice too.  As is the planning to make the repairs and change things a little.

Yes if today could have been held back, stretched out, that would have been just fine with me.  But surely there is another wonderful day just around the corner, with the coming sunrise!

How do you hold back time?  Savour the day as best you can?  Surely if we all share, we will find the means of holding things back!


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