The Jelly Kind

My parents taught me to always be gracious with gifts.  I was taught to consider how fortunate I was to receive a gift.  Plus gifts provide me with a way to see myself through another’s eyes.  And over the years, as I have matured (slightly), I have received from very unique gifts.  But this gift, the one a friend has provided for a different Christmas present has me a bit puzzled.

Apparently pet jellyfish are all the rage.  And I will admit there is something  captivating about watching them as the move in the water.   From the safety of glass protection of course.  Because jellyfish aren’t all just jelly.  They sting too.

While I can and do appreciate the beauty of movement and wonderful shapes of these creatures, I wonder at what point does someone decide to cultivate and keep jellyfish as pets?  I guess, it is a bit like fish.  Fascinating to watch, but definitely not in the cuddly category.

My friend says the jellyfish will be a type called moon jellies.  Basically they look like broad mushrooms and come with a special tank and food.  I am very intrigued and yes excited by this gift.  But also wondering what part of me screams out jellyfish?

I don’t have tentacles, well at least I don’t think I do.  Perhaps it’s my desire to have hair like medusa, although those were snakes, not jellyfish tentacles.  Or maybe it’s because I’m a bit jelly-ish myself.  I do so hope she will share with me why she chose jellyfish.

Hopefully looking after these will be more in line with the four-footed ones and less like the plants.  Because otherwise the jellyfish might not be too jelly!  Granted if the rain keeps up, I might be able to take my jellies out for a float or two around the block!


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