Rain Dance or Ants In My Pants

We ran, trying to stay dry, in between the raindrops, but of course this was impossible because the rain was falling too close together.  But I explained this idea to the four-footed one travelling with me and apparently it made sense because we ran in the rain,  not that it mattered because there comes a point where you simply cannot get any wetter than you already are.  And we were wet, no doubt about it.

My travel companion was able to shake and twist out a fair amount of the water.  Apparently human skin doesn’t work exactly the same way.  Instead I ended up looking like I had a bad case of ants in my pants while standing out in the rain.

Okay so I’ve never actually had ants in pants.  Ever.  Because my mother disapproved and well let’s face it, they are ants.  No thanks not in my pants or at my picnic thanks all the same!

For me to dry off it was a huge fluffy towel that lost all of its fluffiness when it got wet.  Oh and a hair dryer.  Wait.  I applied the same theory to the dog too, jus tht as direct heat from the dryer for the dog.  I also grabbed a cup of hot coffee for myself and well he dog had decided to just take a nap.  I figure it’s about even.

The other four-footed one had developed an allergy of sorts to the water.  A paw in the puddle equaled shaking and whimpering because a) the dog is blind and b) the dog has had enough of this wet crap.  Climate change apparentky means more water for us. Lots more water all at once.  Not exactly what we need.  I figure we will end up with webbed toes soon at this rate.

I did grab a kayak from storage just in case.  If Beloved wants to add through the wet crap, that’s fine with me, but I will travel in style, complete with the four-footed ones because webbed toes.  Need I say more?


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