Revolting Revolution

The four-footed ones have staged a revolt.  Not that I blame them as per say, but they need to go outside the house now and then, just a wee weird thing I have since they’ve never masted the toilet. Granted they weren’t meant to be spending their time swimming either.  Fur gets wet and I’m sure that makes it a bit more heavy and unpleasant.  Like I said I don’t blame them, but I have no ability to remove the water enough for them to be able to walk like they are used to.

Whether they understand this or not is irrelevant.  They’ve staged their revolt because they aren’t swimming or sinking any more.  Not if they have their way.  And being that they offer up unconditional love, their revolt started gentle….growling and barking while auctioning their bodies to the floor any time the word “outside” is mentioned.

But I’m a slow learner and so I missed these signs as anything other than being stubborn.  So they raised it up a notch, showing teeth and avoiding me.  I must add, their bodily control is simply  amazing as they will hold it until the very last-minute, at which point they whimper and whine and reluctantly head outside to take care of the call  of nature.

In between giving into the moment of desperately reality, hey have taken to growling at me, pulling toys al throughout the house and hiding from me.  One of them has

also decided to spit kibble across the floor.  They both know this trick of tacking food out of the bowl and then just spitting it on the floor.  One of them, or maybe both of them, has now amped up the game to a whole new level.  I’ve started to find kibble in the bathroom as well as the bedroom, along the side of the bed.  Today one of my shoes was stuffed with soggy kibble.

My answer to this revolt is to take away the kibble and offer it only when hungry and physically carry them outside.  But this can’t go on long and unfortunately I have no clue where the drain plug is located to get the water out of the yard and street.  So it will become a question of who gives in first.  If not for the fear of having to scrub and bleach the floors all throughout the house, my resolve may be weaker, but I will not have my house become a huge indoor toilet just because a few four-footed ones refuse to go outside!


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